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Its not like the guy in the giant Minecraft Riker outfit is going to browse a booth, hes too busy being IN THE fucking WAY. Votre Pays: AfghanistanAfrique du et BarbudaAntilles NéerlandaisesArabie DémocratiqueCosta RicaCroatieCubaCôte FrançaiseGéorgieGéorgie du BouvetIle MauriceIle de ManIles CaïmansIles ChristmasIles CocosIles CookIles FalklandIles FéroéIles Mariannes NordIles MarshallIles Mineures Éloignées des États-UnisIles PitcairnIles SalomonIles Turques et CaïquesIles Vierges AméricainesIles Vierges BritanniquesIles Arabe Samoa CalédonieNouvelle ZélandeNépalOmanOuest Nouvelle GuinéeParaguayPays-BasPeuple. Also, what the f-u-c crooked letter is up with all these guys wearing regular clothes and then just cat ears? So really, the great irony of my rants and raves is that IM NOT even going FOR comicbooks!

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 There isnt. I dont hate manga.  Huh indeed.  And today because my fiance wanted to see what the hubub was about (it will be a similar experience).  Frottage level.  But I saw Chris Claremont, the legend, his greatness, the guy that made Days of Future Past sitting in a booth and NO ONE gave a shit.  Ill buy.  Because if so then.

 Oh, you glued fabric gears to your top hat!? Cosplay is fine because I get to letch terts, and that is one of my favoritest things in the world.  I dont have a point here, Im just peeved that that dude beat Claremont 150.  But the attendance has skyrocketed since then, so I have to be happy about that (other than for the above stated reason, because Im not happy about those). This weeks page was a resolution of sorts.  Thats what my dogs to to me and they love me more than anything else in the whole wide world, so just imagine what Cup is capable.  Holy shit Im just like them, the manga people, the cosplayers, the steampunkers!  Youre some manga again, right?  Cup is mad though, and will probably poop in the corner of Docs stateroom  and by the time Doc find it, it will be hard as a rock and stuck into the carpet on a molecular level. I went on Friday and Im going again today.

 Billy Dee Williams did this to me when I asked him to sign a Colt 45 ad To Evin, the second baddest brother in the galaxy.  In fact, I would argue that comic books are one of the smallest things happening there.  4 years ago it was less than.  Is this my problem alone? Next week, the end really begins.  50 feet away from him, some manga voice actor had a line 150 people long.  Oh, you dress like the old west but you have a 15 foot tall gun?  He was completely available, it was heartbreaking.

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I also wanted to get Danny Glovers signature on something. Only two pages remain in Pitch Day, its time to get serious. Its comicon again, as just like last year at San Diego (were not going this year I have some porno amatrice francaise massage erotique bordeaux problems with what the once wonderful event has degenerated into. What the fuck is steam punk? That should be a rule. Yes, there is still Artist alley, thankfully!

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 I also hurt Brent Spiner by punching his fist too hard during a fistbump.  It totally sucks completely, but I dont hate.  Im so conflicted.  Did not go over well.  But youre not.  Everyone is safe, Doc is back to normal, and Abigail wants to bang Doc.  Oh, you are dressed like a Victorian aged lady of the night with your goggles and your super tight corset and your cleavage completely expo what I meant to say is, Im not better than anyone else.  They have to just be here to preen, right?

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